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 diamond peaching machine - caru' srl
Forging hpht cubic press is also called as synthetic diamond making machine, which can realize the production of single crystal diamond, lab grown diamond, diamond powder, composite sheet, etc., and o. Mobile: +86-15538112502. Email: English; Español; peaching machines for woven fabrics - youtube

 diamond cutting machine - sarine
Diamond cutting machine - Sarine Cut & symmetry – our diamond cutting solutions Achieving optimal cut & symmetry of polished diamonds is both an art and a science. As an art, it requires deep knowledge and skill of the professional diamond cutter.

 lab grown diamonds - cvd diamond machine manufacturer in india - sltl
Diamond planning machine Diamond Planning Lotus Diamond Cutting Machine Diamond Cutting Grenotec Diamond Multi Processing Diamond Multi Processing Hallmark Twin Hallmark 4G

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 danti paolo brush/sueding machine for high quality peaching effect on ...
The process of abrading the fabric surface to obtain the peaching effect is mainly done by two types of tools: Emery: Normal emery (replaced by diamond emery in the last 10 years) removes a layer of fabric, attaching all those fibres present at the same level. It is used for heavier peach effect.

 diamond cut machine – wheel restore
The WR-DCM3 Diamond Cut Machine has been designed with versatility in mind. Its compact yet sturdy design allows it to be easily installed in the back of a van or truck and forming part of a mobile repair service. Measuring 990 x 1020 x 1800 mm and weighing just 450 kg; allows for the machine to be installed in a standard high van.

 macchine caru' srl - advanced technologies in textile finishing machines
diamond peaching machine; fabric sueding machine; Keywords most sought through our search engine in recent weeks ... peaching fabric machine; textile sueding machine; velvet and corduroy machine; Shearing machine; Textile made in italy; Last Search Plugin 2.03. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of ...

 how peach finish machine works for fabric - auto garment
Peach Finish Machine Specification M/C Name: Lafer (SPA) Drum speed: 90 m/min No of r/r: 24 (Positive- 12, Negative- 12) Speed: 20m/min (light peach) Belt Pressure: 2.6 bar Drum Pressure: 9 bar Types of Peach Finish There are 3 types of peach finish Light Medium Heavy Objective of Peach Finish

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