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 s1000mk2 brush/sueding machine for knitted fabrics - danti ...
The S1000 MK2 is the latest development of the Brush/Sueding machine model S1000, which was introduced by DANTI PAOLO company in 1999. The machine is suitable to process woven and knitted fabrics and gives a special finish called PEACH SKIN effect, that makes the fabrics softer and more pleasant to the touch.

 fabric sueding machine -
Our machines have been upgraded to the fifth generation, from the first generation of 6-Roller Sueding machine to the fifth generation of 12-roller Sueding machine, there are also 7-roller model, 8-roller model, cover knitting fabric and woven fabric, expecially for Sweater cloth, child cloth, underwear fabric, cotton fabric, polyester fabric.

 scegliere produttore alta qualità tessile tessuto sueding ...
Trova Produttore Tessile Tessuto Sueding Macchina alta Qualità Tessile Tessuto Sueding Macchina, Fornitori e Tessile Tessuto Sueding Macchina prodotti al Miglior Prezzo su

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 macchine caru' srl - advanced technologies in textile ...
fabric sueding machine; Keywords most sought through our search engine in recent weeks: Shearing machine; laser design machine for fabric; laser engraving rotary screen; laser engraving rubber roller; laser fabric marker machine; manufacture of textile machinery; pattern sueding machine;

 technology of sueding - danti paolo & c. srl
Sueding is a mechanical finishing that consists of an abrasion of the surface of the fabric in order to obtain a minimal hairiness but an higher consistency and softness to the surface of the fabric. Sueding can be obtained with various abrasive tools such as corindone emery tape, diamond emery tape and abrasive brushes.

 china fabric sueding machine, china fabric sueding machine ...
3.Minimal fabric damage on this Textile sueding machine with carbon-fiber rollers for woven or knitted fabric . 8.The patented Al alloy triangular bracket structure and fixed spreading roller makes it easy to adjust fabric-roller contact area and spread or flatting fabric surface. 9.The adjustable spreading rollers rotation speed and the fabric-roller contact angle can be adjusted.

Italy. Design, development and manufacture of surface finishing machinery for the textile industry. Raising and shearing, and sueding and fringing machines. Also, flet compactors and vacuum dryers. English and Italian.

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