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 laser engraved rollers & sleeves | rol-tec, inc
When our high tech laser technology is combined with the latest polymer compounds, the results are print sleeves and rollers that have proven superior to any other laser engraving available. Laser machine size capability to engrave from 2.36” to 15.750” diameter, face lengths to 126” and weight up to 2200 lbs. Download Flexo Magazine Article

 search results for 'laser engraving rubber roller':
Textile Machines since 1961 . With more than 50 year old of experience, Carù have occupied a position of first importance in mechanical textile field all over the world.. Read all

 laser cutting and laser engraving rubber | trotec laser
The laser machine enables you to produce stamps efficiently, cost-effectively and in an environmentally-friendly manner. This creates rubber stamps with the highest precision and with a clean, detailed imprint quality. The use of chemicals is therefore unnecessary.

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 itr laser engraving | sleeves and cylinders | co2 laser engraving
Our lasers have the capability to engrave rollers to lengths of 3.5 meters long with a diameter of up to 20 Inches we also have the lifting ability that enables us to engrave large rollers reaching up to a tonne in weight. Common questions we get asked about ITR Laser Engraving Q. What is the laser engraving process? Q.

 this slick sculpfun rotary roller attachment will make your laser spin ...
The Sculpfun Laser Rotary Roller Attachment The Sculpfun has finally released its own version of the rotary roller attachment for use with their laser engravers. But the attachment can also be used with Atomstack, Ortur and Neje laser engravers and other similar machines. The attachment is large, very well built and highly adjustable.

 3d laser roller engraving for pattern sueding - comotrade
This machine has been design to achieve the engraving of different patterns on rubber rollers; The laser engraving machine has two main parts: a laser source and a controller unit system. The beam emitted from the laser allows the controller to trace patterns onto the surface of the roller.

 direct laser engraved rollers | engraving flexographic printing plates ...
What is Direct Laser Engraving? Direct laser engraving, a process where the surface of the sleeve is designed by means of ablation, using high-energy laser beam to create a raised image.An alternative to conventional printing plates, the rubber-covered sleeve can be laser engraved for continuous printing pattern.

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