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 macchine caru' srl - advanced technologies in textile finishing machines
Macchine Carù S.r.l. Textile Machines since 1961 With more than 50 year old of experience, Carù have occupied a position of first importance in mechanical textile field all over the world. Read all PRODUCTS Advanced Technologies in Textile Finishing Machines SUEDING MACHINES LASER MACHINES DUST CLEANING MACHINES CORDUROY MACHINES RAISING MACHINES

 s330 pattern sueding - sueding machines - caru' srl
Description: The new Caru’ Pat tern sueding technology, with the very latest technical features combined with modern control equipment and electronics, provides the technical process conditions that are expected of such a process today. The new model S330 Pattern Sueding machine to be shown at last ITMA 2015 in Milan, will incorporate new features achieving the above targets.

 sueding machine – abdiel machine
The new model S330 Pattern Sueding machine to be shown at last ITMA 2015 in Milan, will incorporate new features achieving the above targets. Already many S330 machines are running in large factories worldwide. Perfect the art of fabric patterning with Caru’ solutions for any kind of, which feature are the most advanced technology in the field.

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 cnc/pattern sewing machines - jacksew
Pattern sewing machines, also known as CNC sewing machines, are electronically controlled with high-effective feeds, wide-range gauges, and varying work areas. They are used for bar-tacking and quilting large sewing areas in a fully automated way. Shop now our multitude of brands and types of pattern sewing machines. Large Area CNC 2

 sueding machine: types, parameters & working principle - textile learner
Last Updated on 24/06/2021 . Sueding Machine: Sueding or Peaching is a technique that creates a soft feel while touching. Sueding is a mechanical finishing process in which a fabric is abraded on one or both sides to raise or create a fibrous surface. This fibrous surface improves the fabric appearance, gives the fabric a softer, fuller hand, and can mask fabric construction and subdue coloration.

 pattern sueding - used - macchine caru' srl - advanced technologies in ...
PATTERN SUEDING MACHINE S330. TABLE WIDTH 2000mm. YOC 2017. Macchine Car ...

 pattern sueding machine caru - comotrade
Carù model S330 work width 1800 mm yoc 2015 4 spare engraved rolls entry frame suitable for A-frame, small rolls, folded fabrics exit tangential winder chiller to cool sueding roll The sueding machine S330 is made up of one sueding rollerwhich is contrasted to a roller covered with rubber.This machine can suede woven, knit fabric and other materials as non wovens, denim, outwear, swimwear ...

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