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 sueding, brushing textile machine
Sueding,Brushing, Diamond textile finishing machine "MAGICA"

 sueding finishing process - textile learner
Sueding is a mechanical finishing process in which a fabric is abraded on one or both sides to raise or create a fibrous surface. This operation is often carried out before the raising process to reduce the friction between the fibres making up the cloth and consequently to facilitate the extraction of the fibre end.

 macchine caru' srl - advanced technologies in textile ...
Italy. Design and manufacture of a wide range of sueding, raising, shearing and brushing machinery for woven and knitted corduroy fabrics. Also, steaming and drying systems, and continuous conveyor belts. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information and machine layout, and specifications on PDF files. List of world wide agents.

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 sueding machine | specification of sueding machine ...
In the textile industry, the process of sueding is also commonly known as "sanding" or "emerizing". Normally this process is done only for buyer requirement. A sueder is sometimes referred to a s a sander since the machine consists of one or more rolls covered with sand paper as the abrasive.

 sintec textile-open width and tubular knitted compacting ...
Sintec Textile manufactures compacting lines for woven and knitted fabrics - Fabric shrinking lines with pins chain stenter and rubber ring.

 sueding machines - macchine caru' srl - advanced ...
Textile Machines since 1961 . With more than 50 year old of experience, Carù have occupied a position of first importance in mechanical textile field all over the world.

 english - matchpoint - diamond emery sueding for textiles
matchpoint develop diamondpeach, the leading diamond emerising tool for textile surface finishing machines for sueding or peaching or sanding effects. For Latin countries the effect is also known as tela diamantata or smerigliatrici or peach skin, a perfect tool for Lafer Microsand, Caru Sperotto, Mario Crosta, Xetma, Sucker Muller machines.

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