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 macchine caru' srl - advanced technologies in textile finishing machines
Italy. Design and manufacture of a wide range of sueding, raising, shearing and brushing machinery for woven and knitted corduroy fabrics. Also, steaming and drying systems, and continuous conveyor belts. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information and machine layout, and specifications on PDF files. List of world wide agents.

 shearing (manufacturing) - wikipedia
Shearing, also known as die cutting, [1] is a process that cuts stock without the formation of chips or the use of burning or melting. Strictly speaking, if the cutting blades are straight the process is called shearing; if the cutting blades are curved then they are shearing-type operations. [2]

 shearing machines (sheet metal) selection guide: types, features ...
With shear blades, the angle of the cutting edge and the finish of the grind are important factors in determining shear performance and longevity. Often, suppliers of shears and shearing equipment may provide a maintenance schedule and provide replacement parts and sharpening services. Related Information. CR4 Community—Shearing Machine Procedure

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 what is a shearing machine? working principle and application - durmark
Shearing machine is a machine that uses one blade to reciprocate linear motion relative to the other blade to cut the plate. The shearing machine after shearing should be able to ensure the straightness and parallelism of the shearing surface of the sheared sheet, minimize the deformation of the sheet, and obtain high-quality workpieces.

 shearing machine - types, principle, working, operations
SHEARING is a method for cutting a material piece into smaller pieces using a shear knife to force the material past an opposition shear knife in a progression from. Shearing is widely used to divide large, flat stock such as sheet, strip, and plate.

 sheet metal shearing machines | mcmaster-carr
Sheet Metal Shearing Machines | McMaster-Carr (630) 833-0300 Email Us Filter by For Use on Aluminum Iron Stainless Steel Tin Cut Length 2 1/2" 3 4 For Maximum Steel Thickness For Cutting Wire Width Pattern Material Source Maximum Width Work Surface Width Minimum Radius Handle Length Roller Diameter Compliance Metals COTS-Exempt Sharpenable

 shearing machine: definition, types, working, application & operation ...
Shearing machines include blanking machines used for producing washers, punching machines used for making small disc etc. Shearing operations is generally done for dividing metals in sheet or strip. The process of shearing of plate, sheet or strip is based on the type of blade used for shearing which can be either rotatory blade or straight blade.

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