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 design sueding machine -
design sueding machine - design sueding machine - design sueding machine - Search results for 'design sueding machine': Below is the list of the relevant search results found for the keyword 'design ... china sueding machine manufacturers - customized sueding ...

 macchine caru' srl - advanced technologies in textile ...
Textile Machines since 1961 . With more than 50 year old of experience, Carù have occupied a position of first importance in mechanical textile field all over the world.. Read all

 sueding finishing process - textile learner
Sueding is a mechanical finishing process in which a fabric is abraded on one or both sides to raise or create a fibrous surface. This operation is often carried out before the raising process to reduce the friction between the fibres making up the cloth and consequently to facilitate the extraction of the fibre end.

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 sintec textile-open width and tubular knitted compacting ...
Sintec Textile manufactures compacting lines for woven and knitted fabrics ... Sueding brushing Machine DISCOVER. SINTEC TEXTILE. QUALITY 100% MADE IN ITALY ... • Modular design• Newest design to obtain technical quality, high reliability and long operating life• High processing quality with exceptional shrinking ...

 sueding machine | specification of sueding machine ...
Single cylinder sueder machine ; Multi cylinder sueder machine ; Single Cylinder Sueder Machine: With a single cylinder sueder, sueding takes place when the fabric passes between the abrasive covered roll and the feed back-up roll. The opening is adjustable to within 1/10,000th of an inch on contemporary machine models.

 3d laser roller engraving for pattern sueding
This machine has been design to achieve the engraving of different patterns on rubber rollers; The laser engraving machine has two main parts: a laser source and a controller unit system. The beam emitted from the laser allows the controller to trace patterns onto the surface of the roller. The controller (computer) controls the direction, intensity, speed of movement, and spread of the laser ...

 sueding machine
the engraved roller fitted as in middle. cloth passes thru it and gives a permanent efect on cloth. production around 10 to 15 meters per minute

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