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 macchine caru' srl - advanced technologies in textile finishing machines
Macchine Carù S.r.l. Textile Machines since 1961 With more than 50 year old of experience, Carù have occupied a position of first importance in mechanical textile field all over the world. Read all PRODUCTS Advanced Technologies in Textile Finishing Machines SUEDING MACHINES LASER MACHINES DUST CLEANING MACHINES CORDUROY MACHINES RAISING MACHINES

 corduroy dry brushing - corduroy machines - macchine caru' srl ...
Description: New Dry bushing machine ANR2 for dry processsing brushing. This machine can brush all kind of corduroy fabrics, special cross brush belts are installed at the bottom and rotary brushes are on top of the machine. Suction unit, suck away the waste produced by the brushes. Dry brushing.

 corduroy wet brushing - corduroy machines - macchine caru' srl ...
Description: Corduroy wet brushing machine. This machine can brush all kind of corduroy, special cross brushes belts are installed at the bottom and rotary brushes are in the top of the machine; Spring water system let's to wet the fabrics constantly during the process. The water is recycled by an automatic filter unit. WET BRUSHING.

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 caru' - macchine caru' srl | linkedin
Caru’ Company started in 1961 producing machines to cut, brush and finishing corduroy. Its activities throughout the 60's and 70's grows considerably thanks to a vast extension of the range of ...

 how to wash and iron corduroy without shrinking or wrinkling: a step-by ...
Remove any loose dirt or debris from the garment by gently brushing it with a soft-bristle brush. When it comes to washing corduroy, dos and don’ts are crucial to keep in mind. Washing Corduroy: Dos and Don’ts

 how to care for corduroy clothes - the spruce
The Spruce / Meg MacDonald Corduroy is a sturdy, long-wearing fabric that needs a bit of extra care to keep it looking its best. A true corduroy is made from cotton fibers and is woven to have lengthwise cords, wales, ridges or ribs with a napped pile on each ridge that is similar to velvet .

 how to wash corduroy - in the wash
Step 1: Separate your laundry Before loading your corduroy items into the washing machine, you must properly separate your laundry. As with any wash, it’s essential that you sort your lights, whites, and darks into three piles. This will help prevent any dye transfer between different items during the wash cycle.

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