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S330 Pattern sueding


The new Caru’ Pattern sueding technology, with the very latest technical features combined with modern control equipment and electronics, provides the technical process conditions that are expected of such a process today. The new model S330 Pattern Sueding machine to be shown at last ITMA 2015 in Milan, will incorporate new features achieving the above targets. Already many S330 machines are running in large factories worldwide. Perfect the art of fabric patterning with Caru’ solutions for any kind of, which feature are the most advanced technology in the field. Whether richly patterned dress or tie fabrics, upholstery fabrics, damask fabrics, sportswear, labelling or sophisticated technical textile, with Caru’ machines you can produce a creative and profusely diverse assortment of high quality woven and knits of both and synthetic fibers. The sueding machine S330 is made up of one sueding roller which is contrasted to a roller covered with rubber, let's to suede all kind of fabrics. This machine can suede woven, knit fabric and other materials as non wovens, denim, outwear, swimwear, sportwear, lingerie,used also in home textile and automotive fields, as imitation leather and nonwoven fabric so as to obtain finished products of excellent quality. Particular is the possibility to make sueded drawings on fabric, this technology is called PATTERN SUEDING, that is by means of a rubber roller that has been engraved with drawings which has to be reproduced on the surface.



The Pattern Sueding can be utilized for handling a wide range of product and also incorporates many  design features, how will use it up to your need of creativity in sueding.

   Unleash your passion to create imaginative fabric designs.