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This brushing/cleaning machines is an efficient group easily applicable

in front of any machine or stand alone.

Four brushes are working at the same time on the front and on the back

of the fabric to assure the maximum efficiency.

The type of brushes depend from the kind of fabric processed.

Its small dimension let it to be suitable for different applications.

The contact of the brushes to the fabric can be easily adjusted by the means

of an electric actuators.

In the bottom of the machine a special electronic sensor, let’s the fabrics lay in a cradle without tension before the entry of the fabrics in to the machine.

Special hoods on the bottom of the machine’s frame lets the suction air

catch all the dust from the beating/brushing process;

The air is collected to a separate suction fan with filter unit.

The machine can be delivered with the follow additional parts:

Electric control panel complete of:

general power switch, power on light, start /stop brushes,

start/stop suction, inverter for the motor of the brushes,

speed adjusting potentiometer, display for brush speed, switch for brush position,

fuses, emergency button stop circuit.